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The Maryland 400’s Mutineer

In a recent post, we explored crime and punishment in the Continental Army. During the Revolutionary War, desertions and mutinies were crucial parts of the Continental soldier’s experiences. In the first year of war, 80 percent of criminal activity of the … Continue reading

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The Midnight Attack on Stony Point

While each campaign year of the Revolutionary War had its own purpose and series of events, the main focus of the campaign of 1779 was to maintain the vital lines of communication between the Eastern and Southern states. George Washington … Continue reading

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The Significance of December 10, 1776

If you’ve read a few biographies of the men of the Maryland 400, you may have noticed that many of the troops reenlisted on December 10, 1776. This is not a coincidence, but is the outcome of the reorganization of … Continue reading

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Military or Jail: The Interesting Case of Private Everit

During both the Korean War and the Vietnam War eras, many soldiers enlisted after being given a choice by a judge: Join the military or go to jail. Today, the military will not allow anyone who has been convicted of … Continue reading

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Exploring the Indexes

As the newest member of the Maryland State Archives research team, I have learned an incredible amount in my first few weeks here.  If you missed the post where I introduced myself and talked a little bit about my work, … Continue reading

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The Missing Men

The Maryland 400 project aims to create a more accurate and detailed portrait of the men who fought at the Battle of Brooklyn by hunting down the clues that survive in documents. Sometimes these clues are so rich that they … Continue reading

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